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Photos from WordCamp Philly 2015

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and photographers who were kind enough to bring their cameras and share their great photos. Below is a list of places where you can see photos from the weekend.
Photographer: Seth Goldstein
Photographer: John Lauber
Photographer: Mendel
Photographer: Reed Gustow
Photographer: Susan McCreadie

If you took photos and would like to add your link to this post, please get in touch with us via Twitter.

Panel Highlight: WordPress in Education

We’re excited to have several representatives from various educational institutions getting together at 11:05am on Saturday morning to discuss how they have used WordPress to further the education of students.

WordPress is versatile, to say the least, and it is often used in the Education field. From large public school systems to universities, educational institutions are finding ways to use WordPress to accomplish not only their educational mission, but for administrative and organizational purposes as well. Our panelists will discuss the varied ways that WordPress implementations are accomplishing these goals in many educational settings.

We’re pleased to welcome the following speakers, each of whom brings their experience and insight to a challenging and exciting field:

  • Susan Walker, @SusanWroteThis, web developer and ‘unofficial “Department of WordPress”‘ for Rutgers University’s Camden Computing Services
  • William Earnhardt, @earnjam, Web Architect for ITS Digital Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Cameron Barrett, @camworld, manager of 70+ WordPress sites at Newark Public Schools
  • Charlie Reisinger, @charlie3, IT Director at Penn Manor School District in beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania
  • Brian Messenlehner, @bmess, Co-Founder of WebDevStudios, worked with the Newark Public Schools to migrate and consolidate the district’s websites into a single WordPress multisite network

Hope to see you there on Saturday morning!

WordCamp Philly Schedule Announced!

With all of our wonderful speakers lined up, and their sessions added to the site, we’ve created a schedule packed to the gills with awesome.

Our days starts with registration and some Yoga, and moves on to a day full of learning, networking, and fun. We’re even going to feed you lunch!

Take a look now, and start planning out which sessions you’d like to attend. There are so many incredibly talented speakers that we’re sure it will be hard to choose:

Final Round of Speakers Announced

With WordCamp Philly just over a month away, we have been working very hard to select the final round of speakers for Saturday, June 14th.

We are delighted to announce that these great folks will be presenting at WordCamp Philly 2015:

  • Lauren Pittenger
  • Sal Ferrarello
  • Nile Flores
  • Sharon McMullen
  • Justin Sternberg
  • Zac Gordon
  • Davis Shaver
  • Melodie Laylor
  • Aaron D. Campbell
  • Carolyn Sonnek
  • Courtney Robinson
  • Andrew Nacin
  • Danny Santoro
  • Tim Sisson
  • Bryan Nelson
  • Jamie Schmid
  • Joel Bronkowski

Congratulations to all the speakers this year! We look forward to your talks!

Our Thanks to All the Applicants!

As we post this final list of speakers, we wanted to extend our deep thanks to all the wonderfully talented and amazing people who submitted an application to speak at WordCamp Philly. The Philadelphia area WordPress Community is so lucky to have so many people willing to offer their time and talent for our benefit. Thank you!

More Speakers with Amazing Presentations

As WordCamp Philly draws ever closer, we’re very excited to share the next round of speakers.  We are thrilled to welcome these great women and men:

  • Maura Teal
  • Rami Abraham
  • John Eckman
  • George Stephanis
  • Pete Schuster
  • Chris Lauzon
  • Erica Varlese

We’re still working on the schedule of sessions, but once we have that finalized, we’ll be sure to post it.

And many, many thanks to all the amazing people who have applied to speak. We received so many outstanding applications. We’re working very hard to schedule as many talks as we can.

WordCamp Philly Keynote Speaker – Aaron Jorbin

We’re pleased to announce that Aaron Jorbin will be the Keynote speaker for WordCamp Philly 2015!

Why WordPress Works This Way

WordPress’ biggest strength is not the user experience, hundreds of contributors or widespread adoption; it is its philosophies. Successful projects share this common trait: A unified system for making decisions. Let’s look inside the philosophies of WordPress core and how those influence the decisions that it makes. This will help you understand the principles that guide WordPress. From there we’ll look at how defining philosophies in your own projects will make them better, too.

About Aaron

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.57.15 PM
Aaron Jorbin is a polyhistoric man of the web. Currently Technical Architect on the Conde Nast Platform Team and a WordPress Core Committer, he works to improve developer happiness and is dedicated to making the internet usable and enjoyable by everyone.

He tweets at @aaronjorbin and writes regularly at

First Round of Speakers Announced

We’re pleased to announce our first round of speakers. This year, WordCamp Philly is pleased to welcome:

  • Helen Hou-Sandí
  • LeeAnn Kinney
  • Erica Sterling
  • Taylor McCaslin
  • Allen Moore
  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz
  • Joe Casabona
  • Zoe Rooney

We are incredibly excited to hear what they have to talk about and once the full schedule goes up, we’re sure you will be, too.

Thanks again to all of you who have applied to speak!