WordCamp Philly Keynote Speaker – Aaron Jorbin

We’re pleased to announce that Aaron Jorbin will be the Keynote speaker for WordCamp Philly 2015!

Why WordPress Works This Way

WordPress’ biggest strength is not the user experience, hundreds of contributors or widespread adoption; it is its philosophies. Successful projects share this common trait: A unified system for making decisions. Let’s look inside the philosophies of WordPress core and how those influence the decisions that it makes. This will help you understand the principles that guide WordPress. From there we’ll look at how defining philosophies in your own projects will make them better, too.

About Aaron

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Aaron Jorbin is a polyhistoric man of the web. Currently Technical Architect on the Conde Nast Platform Team and a WordPress Core Committer, he works to improve developer happiness and is dedicated to making the internet usable and enjoyable by everyone.

He tweets at @aaronjorbin and writes regularly at aaron.jorb.in.

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